MAC “Faux” and “Soar” DUPE | Kylie Jenner Lip – Drugstore Edition | 💋

I did a little bit of research and found that Kylie Jenner uses MAC lipstick in “Faux” and lipliner in “Soar” to achieve her nude lip. I then also found out that I own dupes for both.


I tried out the lip combo and this is how it looks:



So what do you think? Is it a dupe or not?


Best Hair Ties Ever!!


I present to you guys… THE BEST HAIR TIES EVER!!

Having long, heavy hair means needing strong, amazing quality hair ties.

Every hair tie I’ve tried in the past would NOT hold up my hair. They were too loose and would stretch out after one use.

I needed good quality black hair ties, and I didn’t want to spend $10 on them because I don’t really tie my hair that often.

Then one day I was walking around Forever 21 and I saw these bad guys. I picked them up and checked the price. $1.90. I stretched the hair tie. Still in shape. I wore it around my wrist. Still tight.

And that’s when I knew they were perfect.

I payed for them and tried them on as soon as I got home. And for once in my life, my long, heavy hair, was tied up in a high, painless ponytail.

And until this day I use these hair ties when I need one.

So girls with long hair or short, thin or thick, try out these hair ties. No doubt you will fall in love with them ❤

Tiny Little Haul + Small First Impressions

IMG_6606-1I just came back from Walmart & Shopper’s DM, so I thought I’d quickly show you what I got and my first impressions.

First is Essence Silky Touch Blush in “10 Adorable”. What the name says is true, these blushes are quite soft and not chalky. This blush is great to give a natural look, and is also buildable.

IMG_6612 Next is NYC In a Minute nail polish in “Minted On Broadway”. I wouldn’t say the nail polish dries in a minute, but it still is quicker than other nail polishes. And with just two coats, you get beautiful nails with lots of shine!

IMG_6616Lastly is Pure Ice Matte Top Coat in “Frost Finish”. This top coat does truly do the job of making your nails matte! It also dries quick and only cost $1.97 for quite the amount of product.

Essence: Get BIG! Lashes Volume Boost & Get BIG! Lashes Volume Curl

IMG_6796I’ve always been curious about the Essence mascaras because they seem to be a big hit or miss. When I saw Shoppers Drug Mart had a BOGO sale for the Get BIG! Lashes mascaras, I decided to finally try them out. After reading loads and loads of reviews, I chose the Volume Curl and Volume Boost mascaras.

First, let’s talk about Volume Curl.



  • Very light, unoticable scent (this is coming from a girl who is very sensitive to scents)
  • Lengthens
  • Price ($3.99CAD)
  • Curls lashes


  • Couple of small clumps after 2 coats.
  • Lots of product comes off onto the brush, causing lashes to clump together
  • Doesn’t volumize
  • Weighs down lashes

Next is Volume Boost.


  • No clumps (even after 3 coats)
  • Very light, unoticable scent
  • Brush is good size
  • Give short lashes some length
  • Price


  • Wet formula (causes spidery lashes)
  • Heavy formula (weighs down lashes)
  • Flakes on eyelids
  • Kind of makes eyes burn
  • Does not volumize
  • Not buildable

Since the mascara was weighing down my eyelashes, I tried wiping off the access on a tissue before applying the mascara and after three coats it just gave a natural look. It didn’t work for my long lashes or my sisters short lashes. This mascara also made my eyes burn a little.


WOULD I REPURCHASE: No, I would not repurchase.

New Essence Lippies!

Last week my sister and I went to a different Shoppers than the one we usually go to and their Essence rack was all stocked up, so we decided to pick up a couple lipsticks and lipliners! IMG_5992

I Am Yours is a beautiful reddish pink shade.

Natural Beauty is a mauve-y pink, or a MLBB (my lips but better) shade, perfect for everyday wear.

Satin Mauve is a matt, brownish mauve.. kind of like Kylie Jenner’s signature lip!

In the Nude is your classic nude (which unfortunetly doesn’t suit my skin tone) and is also matt.

IMG_5993Have you ever tried any Essence products? What would you highly recommend?

ELF Eyelash Curler


Having not so curly lashes, my eyelash curler is something I’ve loved since 7th grade.. Even my fish seems to love it!

This bad boy is E.L.F Mechnical Eyelash Curler which I picked up from Dollar Tree when I was in the States.

First off, let’s just talk about how beautiful it looks in the colour white. *takes a moment of silence because holyyy*

Anyways, I’ve been using this to curl my lashes for a quite a while now, and it works perfectly. It also lasts a long time, but sometimes the padding might tear in the middle if you use too much pressure (just sometimes).

My lashes also stay curled for a very good amount of time when I use this eyelash curler, so I really like it ❤

It’s also a very affordable product, so check it out if you have the chance because I’m sure this is something you’ll love! 🙂


How I Made My “Beach Theme” Room, Beach Themed☀️🌊

IMG_4889 With summer on its way, I thought it was time to give my room a little twist. Since my room already had the colour scheme (blue, white & grey), I decided to go beach theme!

In this post, I’ll be sharing a few things I’ve added to my room to go with the theme.

IMG_5875 First off, I got myself a pet fish. I couldn’t keep a beach theme room and not buy myself a goldfish! And the bright rocks just make it ten times more awesome!
IMG_5880Next it wall decor. I got this 3 piece set from Home Sense.
IMG_5893This little guy was something I had long before this bedroom, so I had to keep him out on my bed. And the best part is that my comforter has a texture that makes it looks like the sea, the perfect place to keep Nemo.
IMG_5882 The most embarrassing thing in my room: my anchor. I don’t know what I was thinking when I made this, but I still keep it out on my dresser.
IMG_5899 Lastly is my beach scented candle. Just light up the candle, lay in bed, close your eyes and you will literally feel like your at the beach.