Let the storm rage oooooon, the cold never bothered me anyway…


The cold always bothered me. I hate the cold.

Now what can I possibly do to go through the cold months without dreading it?

I decided this fall I would make the most out of it, starting by decorating my room and making it cozy.

Today I’m going to show you what I’ve added to my room, mostly DIY’s which I saw on YouTube and decided to recreate.

IMG_9881 First off is this glittery leaf wall art. This is similar to something Bethany Mota showed in a video, but I added a twist to it. All I did was glue on some glitter onto a few leaves I bought from Dollarama.

IMG_9883 The next wall decor was simply made by cutting an apple in half, dipping it into some paint, and stamping it onto a canvas. Then just add a stem using a paintbrush and brown paint. Original idea by: macerly09.

IMG_9884 The third wall art here took the longest. For this I had to print out a stencil, cut it, and trace it onto the canvas. Then as I painted each letter, I sprinkled some glitter on top. Original idea by: Maddy Hayes.

IMG_9900 The last one was the easiest of them all. Just print out a sheet of paper that says “Autumn” written all over it, place a leaf on top, and put it in a frame. Original idea by: DIYlover.

IMG_9449Don’t mind the snapchat filter, I got a little excited for this one as it was the first fall DIY I tried. All I had to do was cut little holes into some leaves I bought from Dollarama and put them on every other lightbulb on these lights.

IMG_9910Now scented candles in my opinion are a must have. I decided to buy a couple of them to make the room smell delicious. The first one is from Marshall’s, and the second one’s from Bath and Body Works. I even bought a few cinnamon scented pinecones. Which I placed beside them.
IMG_9814The last thing in my room isn’t exactly room decor, but it looks just as awesome as it smells.

And that’s it! I hope this has helped you decide on what you’d like to add to your room to make it nice and cozy.

How I Made My “Beach Theme” Room, Beach Themed☀️🌊

IMG_4889 With summer on its way, I thought it was time to give my room a little twist. Since my room already had the colour scheme (blue, white & grey), I decided to go beach theme!

In this post, I’ll be sharing a few things I’ve added to my room to go with the theme.

IMG_5875 First off, I got myself a pet fish. I couldn’t keep a beach theme room and not buy myself a goldfish! And the bright rocks just make it ten times more awesome!
IMG_5880Next it wall decor. I got this 3 piece set from Home Sense.
IMG_5893This little guy was something I had long before this bedroom, so I had to keep him out on my bed. And the best part is that my comforter has a texture that makes it looks like the sea, the perfect place to keep Nemo.
IMG_5882 The most embarrassing thing in my room: my anchor. I don’t know what I was thinking when I made this, but I still keep it out on my dresser.
IMG_5899 Lastly is my beach scented candle. Just light up the candle, lay in bed, close your eyes and you will literally feel like your at the beach.