Bridal Shower|OOTD|MOTD|HOTD|

To kick off the wedding month, the first function was a bridal shower. Bridal showers aren’t a thing in my culture but of course people still have one if they’d like. This happened to be my first bridal shower (since I’m still a teen), and I don’t think I’ll be going to one in a while 😛

First off we have my outfit. I decided to wear a pastel blue dress which I got from Burlington Factory a while back. The dress is sleeveless with a lace back and two slits down the sides of the dress. I paired this with a white cardigan and white tights underneath because of the slits. For shoes I wore white sandals (which I know you can’t see because I hate my toes) which I got from Forever 21. On my ears (which you can see in the picture below) I’m wearing white pearl earrings.

For my makeup I kept it really simple. I’d just like to mention that my makeup won’t be anything extraordinary in any of the wedding functions since makeup isn’t something I’m great at.

For my base, I’m wearing Maybelline Dream Pure BB Cream in Medium Sheer Tint. On my cheeks I used Essence Silky Touch Blush in Adorable. For my highlight I used Hard Candy Tiki Bronzer WHICH I DO NOT RECOMMEND. If you’d like to see why, check out my last post here. I still ended up using it though because since I have it I might as well use it than waste it. I tight lined my eyes with Essence Long Lasting Eye Pencil in Black Fever and even smudged a little on my lower lasheline. On my water line I used the same product but in the shade Tu-Tu-Turquoise. The masacara I used was Maybelline Colossal Volume. To set my makeup I used Essence All About Matt! Fixing Compact Powder. I finished off the look with a little bit of Vaseline on the lips.

I also ended up keeping it simple with the hair and just straightned it.


Hard Candy Tiki Bronzer Review

After recieving a ton of Eidi on Eid-Al-Fitr, I decided to spend the first bit on makeup. Highlighter is a look I’ve really been into lately but I didn’t own an actual one. I’ve been using an eyeshadow from a mini eyeshadow palette I have and it worked wonderfully. However, I thought it was time I bought myself a proper highlighter.

Although this product is called a bronzer, it definitely isn’t one, at least not for my skin tone. This would probably work as a bronzer for super pale skin.

I saw plenty of amazing reviews for this product online and decided to buy it after accepting the fact that Canada doesn’t sell more affordable highlighters from brands life Elf, Wet n Wild, and Essence. The reviews said that it was a strong highlight and the shimmer didn’t actually show once applied to the skin.

I was still a little double minded on buying this though because I rarely spend money on makeup, and this product cost a little under $10. Eventually I set my mind on this highlighter and purchased it.

I was so excited to try it out! I swatched it on my fingers and thought the colour was beautiful. But unfortunately, once applied to the skin, you couldn’t see it. It felt a little powdery as applying it and you couldn’t see a thing.

Then I decided to use a brush and I got the same results. All I could see was glitter.

Next I decided to wet my brush and apply it. This did help a little, but it still wasn’t as intense as I wanted it to be. Fortunately though, it was build able.

But once I got it to the intensity that I liked, the highlight looked more of a white, glittery streak rather than a golden sheen.

I was super disappointed to see that it wouldn’t blend and it had so much glitter!

I did try this highlighter a few times after the first time hoping that it would look better this time, but it never did.

I really wish I didn’t buy this product and I do not recommend it if you don’t like a glittery highlight.