Best Hair Ties Ever!!


I present to you guys… THE BEST HAIR TIES EVER!!

Having long, heavy hair means needing strong, amazing quality hair ties.

Every hair tie I’ve tried in the past would NOT hold up my hair. They were too loose and would stretch out after one use.

I needed good quality black hair ties, and I didn’t want to spend $10 on them because I don’t really tie my hair that often.

Then one day I was walking around Forever 21 and I saw these bad guys. I picked them up and checked the price. $1.90. I stretched the hair tie. Still in shape. I wore it around my wrist. Still tight.

And that’s when I knew they were perfect.

I payed for them and tried them on as soon as I got home. And for once in my life, my long, heavy hair, was tied up in a high, painless ponytail.

And until this day I use these hair ties when I need one.

So girls with long hair or short, thin or thick, try out these hair ties. No doubt you will fall in love with them ❤


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