Essence: Get BIG! Lashes Volume Boost & Get BIG! Lashes Volume Curl

IMG_6796I’ve always been curious about the Essence mascaras because they seem to be a big hit or miss. When I saw Shoppers Drug Mart had a BOGO sale for the Get BIG! Lashes mascaras, I decided to finally try them out. After reading loads and loads of reviews, I chose the Volume Curl and Volume Boost mascaras.

First, let’s talk about Volume Curl.



  • Very light, unoticable scent (this is coming from a girl who is very sensitive to scents)
  • Lengthens
  • Price ($3.99CAD)
  • Curls lashes


  • Couple of small clumps after 2 coats.
  • Lots of product comes off onto the brush, causing lashes to clump together
  • Doesn’t volumize
  • Weighs down lashes

Next is Volume Boost.


  • No clumps (even after 3 coats)
  • Very light, unoticable scent
  • Brush is good size
  • Give short lashes some length
  • Price


  • Wet formula (causes spidery lashes)
  • Heavy formula (weighs down lashes)
  • Flakes on eyelids
  • Kind of makes eyes burn
  • Does not volumize
  • Not buildable

Since the mascara was weighing down my eyelashes, I tried wiping off the access on a tissue before applying the mascara and after three coats it just gave a natural look. It didn’t work for my long lashes or my sisters short lashes. This mascara also made my eyes burn a little.


WOULD I REPURCHASE: No, I would not repurchase.


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