How I Made My “Beach Theme” Room, Beach Themed☀️🌊

IMG_4889 With summer on its way, I thought it was time to give my room a little twist. Since my room already had the colour scheme (blue, white & grey), I decided to go beach theme!

In this post, I’ll be sharing a few things I’ve added to my room to go with the theme.

IMG_5875 First off, I got myself a pet fish. I couldn’t keep a beach theme room and not buy myself a goldfish! And the bright rocks just make it ten times more awesome!
IMG_5880Next it wall decor. I got this 3 piece set from Home Sense.
IMG_5893This little guy was something I had long before this bedroom, so I had to keep him out on my bed. And the best part is that my comforter has a texture that makes it looks like the sea, the perfect place to keep Nemo.
IMG_5882 The most embarrassing thing in my room: my anchor. I don’t know what I was thinking when I made this, but I still keep it out on my dresser.
IMG_5899 Lastly is my beach scented candle. Just light up the candle, lay in bed, close your eyes and you will literally feel like your at the beach.



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